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By March 6, 2018 Testimonials

Classy restaurant and Wonderful Asian Food!

I love Asian food and quite often feel let down with Asian cuisine here in Malta but this place really surprised me.. firstly, the restaurant itself is very sophisticated and modern, it’s comfortable and clean with a great view over Ghadira Bay. Secondly, the staff were lovely, very thoughtful and attentive. Last but not least, the food was fantastic! Clean, fresh, innovative and delicious. The menu is small so clearly they do everything fresh to order, making it even more special. The only thing on the menu I thought to be overpriced was the skewers.. they come on their very own mini barbecue so it’s more a gimmick thing but they tasted amazing. Everything else I believed was very reasonably priced, especially considering the high quality. I’ll be back again!


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