Amami was inspired by the Goddess of creation, Amamikju. The Amami islands, named after this goddess, are located southwest of Kyushu which is the third-largest island of Japan’s five main islands.

As the myth goes, the Heavenly Emperor Amamikju gathered grasses, trees and stones to build the islands.

This process of creation is a source of inspiration for us to source the best produce and the finest ingredients.

Whether we are preparing sushi or any other creative dish, these ingredients and our talented team, enable us to serve our guests with Japanese influenced creations every day.

We have full respect towards this Asian cuisine and we extend this admiration to the way we serve our guests.

We are also grateful to be located in this bright and sensational space in Mellieha with sea views adorning our guests’ eyes. We welcome you to join us for lunch or dinner and our team will have the pleasure to share our dedication towards what we know how to do best.

Amami is also available for private functions that may include celebrations and staff events.

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